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Episode 21 - Yogaberry UK Interview With Julie Wilkins

Episode 21 - Yogaberry UK Interview With Julie Wilkins

January 18, 2019

Welcome back !!!!! This is a recent interview of Julie Wilkins with Yogaberry UK (Christine Jaureguiberry), a UK based Yoga For Scoliosis teacher. In today's episode Julie shares her experiences teaching yoga for spinal fusion, her evolving ideas of movement science, and answers questions from the YogaBerry community. 

To learn more about Christine's work including her online yoga for scoliosis classes visit

You can find Julie and the Forever Fused community at and 


Episode 20 - A Mom’s Perspective on Scoliosis Surgery

Episode 20 - A Mom’s Perspective on Scoliosis Surgery

May 16, 2018

Wecome to the final episode of Season 1 of the Forever Fused podcast. In this episode, I interview my mother, Diane Hyman. I really wanted to hear the perspective of a parent who has put their child/children through spinal fusion surgery. Who better to speak to than my own mom who put both of her two children through scoliosis spinal fusion surgeries. 

I will be taking a little break from the podcast to continue to build my Forever Fused online classes for adapted yoga and movement education for back care and spinal fusion. AND I'm collaborating with local friends to start another podcast on a completely different topic - Dance With God - a podcast for liturgical practices and contemplative living.



Episode 19 - Kate Vosti with Life After Surgery Project

Episode 19 - Kate Vosti with Life After Surgery Project

April 29, 2018

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Kate Vosti was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 11 years old when her mother noticed one shoulder protruding more than the other in her dance leotard. She had 10 vertebrae fused at 17 years old and then due to infection, had the rods removed three years later. She was born and raised in San Francisco, and had all but one surgery on her spine at UCSF. Nothing could have prevented the rods from being infected - it was just “bad luck.”

Kate continued dancing up until the fusion and started dancing again as soon as 6 months post-surgery. She took up yoga and Muay Thai boxing as well, and was pain-free for 7 years after the rods were removed. In 2017, she started an online project with her friend called Life After Surgery and they post daily motivation, tips, and stories on their instagram account . The intention behind the project is to inspire those anticipating surgery and recovering from surgery, and remind them that there IS life after surgery. They are a community that shows off scars and encourages staying active and healthy (physically and mentally) post-op.


Episode 18 - Patricia Horvath All The Difference

Episode 18 - Patricia Horvath All The Difference

April 22, 2018

" In the end there's really no way to know how much my misshapen body shaped me except to know that it did. My feelings about this body are likewise difficult to sort out. Indeed I may never untangle these strands - vexed from blessed, bitter from sweet. " Patricia Horvath

Patricia is the author of the book All the Difference (Etruscan Press), a memoir about her journey through scoliosis and spinal fusion surgery.

Her stories and essays have been published widely in literary journals including Shenandoah, The Massachusetts Review, New Ohio Review, The Los Angeles Review, and Confrontation. She is the recipient of New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowships in both fiction and literary nonfiction and the Goldenberg Prize for Fiction at Bellevue Literary Review, and has held residency fellowships at Hedgebrook, The Millay Colony for the Arts, and The Blue Mountain Center.

She teaches creative writing at Framingham State University in Massachusetts.

Patricia's website is

Episode 17 - Martha Carter with Twisted Outreach Project (TOPS)

Episode 17 - Martha Carter with Twisted Outreach Project (TOPS)

April 16, 2018

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Guest interviewer, Jen Krakowsky, interviews Martha Carter of the Twisted Outreach Project. 

At the age of 11, Martha, an enthusiastic young dancer, was diagnosed with a “C” curve scoliosis and, at age 14, underwent Harrington Rod surgery. After spending a year in bed encased in a body cast, she was told she could never dance again. Undeterred, Martha’s journey back to dance evolved into a lifelong practice of health, mobility, emotional and artistic expression.

A teacher, choreographer and certified yoga instructor, Martha has spent years exploring and training in many body work techniques. Her efforts to feel better in her body resulted in having her Harrington rods removed after 21 years. This led her to develop a rehabilitation technique that alleviates discomfort and rebuilds strength through the combination of Yoga, physiotherapy, massage, dance, Pilates, breathing and meditation. 

In 2017 Martha received her certification as a teacher in Yoga for Scoliosis through Elise Browning Miller. She now teaches at the TOPS studio in Vancouver, as well as holding regular workshops around BC, across North America and in Mexico. 
Since 2016, she has been developing a workshop specifically for people with fused spines, and will hold her first 'Fusion Retreat' in September 2018 on Vancouver Island. Martha is also available for private consultations in person or online with adults, teenagers and their parents.
In 2009 she founded the TWiSTED Outreach Project for Backcare and Scoliosis (TOPS) to offer others the community and resources she didn’t have when she was young. Based in Vancouver, BC Canada, TOPS hosts classes, workshops and retreats locally, nationally and internationally. Check out the website to learn more about all of TOPS activities and to read Martha’s blog!
Martha's website is
Episode 16 with Ellen Kiley

Episode 16 with Ellen Kiley

April 4, 2018

Today I interview one of my earliest influencers, Ellen Kiley, owner of

Ellen is a yoga teacher and bodywork professional who, herself, has had two spinal fusion surgeries for scoliosis as well as double hip replacements. Despite her difficult health journey, Ellen has maintained a spirit of determination, a love for learning, and a brilliant sense of intuition that has guided her down this path. 

Ellen shares how she came to the Jivamutki Yoga Center of NY where owner, David Life, told her " you are uniquely designed to be a yoga teacher."

She shares her first experience in savasana (corpse pose) where she relaxed so deeply it brought her to tears. Ellen realized she had been trying to fix herself for so long that all she really needed to do was rest into herself and the moment. This deeply healing experiece led her down the path to become a teacher and healer herself. 

Episode 15 - Overcoming All Obstacles with Maura Coley

Episode 15 - Overcoming All Obstacles with Maura Coley

March 19, 2018

Forever Fused is a global community supporting the education, outreach, and community development for post spinal fusion populations. 

We now have a Patreon page at to support the development of the podcast.  

Episode 15 is an incredible story of courage, will, persistence, and the ability to overcome all obstacles despite physical disability and incredible trauma. Enjoy and be inspired by my interview Maura Coley .... 

Episode14 - Interview with therapist Kelley Munger

Episode14 - Interview with therapist Kelley Munger

March 7, 2018

We have a Forever Fused School up and running! Enroll and watch for courses you might be interested in ... 

Episode 14

Today we speak to Licensed Professional Counselor Kelley Munger. Kelley works with families, children, and adults and specializes in adult attachment and trauma, parenting, adoption and foster, prenatal and postpartum issues, childhood disabilities, and early childhood mental health.

Her experience as a mother, doula, and therapist have given her a deep desire to connect with parents and walk with them as they experience healing and growth in their families. She is currently working on her PhD in Early Intervention at the University of Oregon with an emphasis in attachment, families, and early childhood mental health.

Kelley provides insight on childhood medical trauma, self-regulation strategies, complex pain, attachment theory in the context of surgical recovery, body image, and more. 

You can find Kelley at Global Counseling Network and



Episode 13 - Jen Krakowsky Interviews Yoga Therapist Betsy Kase

Episode 13 - Jen Krakowsky Interviews Yoga Therapist Betsy Kase

March 2, 2018

Guest interviewer Jen Krakowsky interviews her teacher and friend Betsy Kase, RYT-500, C-AIYT, who is the founder and director of Yoga Haven, Westchester, NY’s longest running yoga studio, currently celebrating its 20th year in operation ( She also runs Yoga Haven’s in depth 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

Based on her years of experience both teaching and observing all types of bodies as well as her experience as a “teacher’s teacher”, Betsy offers a wealth of insight and wisdom about the practice of yoga for ALL people, including those with physical limitations such as spinal fusions for scoliosis. Betsy gives advice on how a new student with a spinal fusion can approach yoga when that student has pain or fear about the appropriateness of yoga for his or her body.

She addresses both the student’s and the teacher’s roles and responsibilities when a student walks into a general yoga class with a fusion and when it’s appropriate to seek out specialized instruction. She also gives general advice to yoga teachers who find themselves with fused students in their classes and who don’t understand or have much familiarity with spinal fusions. Betsy’s common sense, holistic and empathetic approach to teaching and listening to her students, no matter their physical limitations, is inspiring and comforting to anyone who is curious about yoga’s potential benefits.

This is a must listen for those with spinal fusions who are curious about trying yoga as well as all teachers who may find themselves with such students in their classes.

Episode 12 Who am I Following These Days ?

Episode 12 Who am I Following These Days ?

February 25, 2018

Julie talks about some of the teachers and leaders in the yoga, movement science, and fitness industry that she is gaining knowledge and inspiration from currently. If you are a curious movement student, or are looking to diversify your practices ... take note !